Empowering Maasai women

Sharing their skills and creations with the world

Beadwork is a traditional handicraft for the Maasai. It is a skill that is passed down the generations from mother to daughter. Women adorn themselves and their loved ones in beautiful bright coloured beaded jewellery.

In the Maasai Mara women have been largely excluded from income generating opportunities. There is high illiteracy amongst Maasai women, but this does not affect their ability to product world class beadwork. Through training, Maa Beadwork has increased the quality of the handmade wares and is helping Maasai women to earn an income from their favourite pastime by linking them with markets.

Through Maa Beadwork, 494 Maasai women are now earning their own income for the first time. We work closely with the ladies to empower them to utilise this money to uplift themselves and their families.

Esiaai Tenkaraki Ing'uesi

Work because of the wildlife

As a result of Maa Beadwork, 494 households totalling 9386 family members, are now able to reduce their environmental impact by switching to rainwater harvesting, solar power and cooking on gas, send their daughters to school and pull their family out of poverty. This is the first time that these Maasai women have been able to directly benefit from wildlife conservation. As a result, their positivity about wildlife and conservation has increased significantly. Our latest report detailing this impact can be seen here.