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Shipping Maa Beadwork

Our biggest challenge is shipping. There’s currently no easy, inexpensive way for us to ship our beadwork products long distances. Transporting our products to you all the way from the Maasai Mara takes many hands and costs more than we’d like it to – but the quality and craftsmanship of our products makes the extra effort truly worthwhile.

Before our beadwork gets to you...

Your product is finished in our thorough production process and carefully packed to protect it on its journey to you.

Your package is then transported by motorbike from the Maa Trust’s headquarters to a local depot and loaded on a truck.

The truck then brings your package many miles to the nearest post office.

After processing, your package flies from its post office in Kenya to a major post office in your country.

From there, your beadwork product is transported via post office vehicle, often making several stops at post offices along the way, until finally being delivered to your door.

Finally, your package completes its journey to your home.

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While we’re striving to lower shipping costs in time, we’re doing everything we can to make sure our beadwork is more than worth the extra cost. Beadwork is a traditional handicraft for the Maasai, passed down through generations from mother to daughter, and our ladies receive regular training in order to continue to improve their skills each year.

With a rich history, a bright future, and a constant mission for improvement in our craft and communities, supporting Maa Beadwork through purchasing our products is an investment worth making.

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